Maple Leaf Exchange Program

Since 2005, the Town of Didsbury and Miki Town, Japan have been working together for an Educational/Cultural Exchange with junior high school students from Japan.  The program has resulted in building close friendships for both the students and the families.
In 2009 Didsbury and Miki Town became official Twinned Municipalities and our relationship continues to grow both culturally and economically. 
Every year, students from Miki Town visit Didsbury and in 2008, 2009 and 2012, students and parents from Didsbury visited Miki Town, Japan and stayed with Japanese families to experience their culture.  It is our hope that the Town of Didsbury can continue to visit Miki Town every few years. 

Once again we are looking for families to participate in the Maple Leaf Exchange Program by opening up their homes to host students from Miki Town from March 20 to 25, 2020 (5 nights inclusive).

Miki Town Students will stay with local families and will participate in events and activities planned by the exchange program during their stay in Didsbury.  A schedule of events and activities can be provided to any family interested in participating.

The program continues to be a success due to the participation of families in our community. It is a great opportunity for students in our community to learn about a new culture and language, showcase the Canadian lifestyle and to make a life-long relationship.


The program is always in need of additional host families looking to provide an exciting experience not only to Japanese students, but also for their entire household.

There are no set prerequisites for a host family. Exchange students are happy to be integrated into your own daily life, whether that means going to hockey practice or shopping at the local grocery store. Many of the favorite memories of past students include tobogganing, seeing farm animals and cooking on an open fire; it does not need to be an expensive or extravagant experience. 

Ideally, host families will have children that attend Westglen School but this is not a requirement and families with children in any of the schools are welcome to apply!


If you are interested in participating, or just need further information, please contact

Deborah Porath at 403-335-7734 or email

Click here to view the 2020 Maple Leaf Exchange Program application!!