Urban Hens and other Animals Registration

Urban Chickens

The Town of Didsbury passed the Responsible Pet Ownership Bylaw in 2022, which includes information about urban chickens. Didsbury residents are now able to keep hens within the Town of Didsbury.

If you are interested in adding some hens (no roosters allowed!) to your household, please review the Responsible Pet Ownership Bylaw and Guide to Keeping Urban chickens (links below), and then fill in the registration form. There is a one-time registration fee of $15 which can be paid through: 

  • e-transfer: animals@didsbury.ca 
  • mail: Box 790, Didsbury, Alberta, T0M 0W0 
  • Phone (credit card): 403-335-2030, or
  • In person: 1606 14th Street, Didsbury

If you have any questions about keeping hens in your backyard, please contact us at peaceofficer@didsbury.ca or call 403-335-2030.