Didsbury Family & Community Support Services

FCSS was created with a sole purpose in mind: To enhance the well-being of individuals, families, and communities. We hold this statement as a goal for everything we do. Through FCSS, we strive to meet this goal by facilitating various social events and programs, providing important resource referrals to all individuals, and being a friendly face to come to when you need it!


Looking to meet and strengthen connections with other families in the area? Looking for specific resources or support? Looking to become more integrated into the community? We are here to help! Keep an eye out for upcoming family events and information sessions, give us a call if you have a question about resources available, or even stop into Didsbury Neighborhood place and say hello!



Seniors are important! You know this, we know this, and we want everyone else to know it as well. How do we show this? By showing our support! This is done through group events, programs and activities, senior-specific resource referrals, and by being there whenever we are needed.



Both in your neighborhood and in the Town of Didsbury as a whole, we at FCSS want to create a healthy, happy, inclusive culture. This is only achieved with you involved! How do you get involved you may wonder? Join us for FCSS-sponsored community events, volunteer with local organizations, or simply check-in and have a conversation with your neighbors. Together, we can do great things!

FCSS Funding

Every year, Didsbury FCSS provides grants to non-profit community groups that provide necessary support within the community. The groups who apply and receive funding meet the eligibility requirements set forth by FCSS mandates as well as demonstrate the importance for Didsbury residents.

The deadline to apply for funding for 2023 has passed. Applications for 2024 funding will open in October 2023, and application forms will be available here at that time.

For more information on FCSS grants, please contact Ryan at Didsbury Neighborhood Place at 403-335-7161 or by email at rshokoples@didsbury.ca

Community Groups funded by Didsbury FCSS in 2022 include: