Alberta Immigration Rural Renewal Stream

Didsbury is now a part of the Alberta Immigration Rural Renewal Stream!

The Rural Renewal Stream is a provincial initiative which supports the attraction and retention of newcomers to rural Alberta through a community-driven approach that supports local economic development needs and contributes to the growth of the community. The Rural Renewal Stream empowers rural communities to recruit and retain foreign nationals to live, work and settle in their communities.

The Town of Didsbury applied for and is now a designated member community which allows us to recruit and endorse candidates for the Rural Renewal Stream. This allows us, as a municipality, to welcome new residents from other nations into our community by helping them secure safe and
legitimate work for which they
are qualified.

This benefits our local businesses who are seeking employees and have been unable to fill positions. 

The addition of new residents and contributing members of our community benefits us all, and we welcome our new neighbours!

The Process


  • Jobseekers register with the Town of Didsbury with their resume (first step is to fill in the form below)
  • Applicant information will be shared with all local businesses who have indicated that they are seeking employees
  • Potential employers will contact jobseekers who have the qualifications for the positions they are hoping to fill
  • If a job offer is made and the candidate has accommodation in Didsbury, the Town will issue a support/endorsement letter.
  • The applicant then applies for AAIP (link below)


  • Employers seeking permanent full-time employees may register with the Town of Didsbury to become part of the Rural Renewal Stream
  • Local businesses are asked to fill out the form below and to provide information about the job opportunities they have available
  • Once a part of the program, employers will: 
    • report the number of interviews held, and will include the names of the applicants interviewed
    • they will also report on positions offered and filled (with successful applicant's name)and the start date
    • confirm that accommodation requirements have been fulfilled by the candidate; start date.

Didsbury Area Employers

- Are you a local employer struggling with finding staff? 

- Do you have permanent, full-time positions to fill, and will those positions be open for a minimum of 12 months?

- Are you interested in being a part of the Rural Renewal Stream?

- Tell us more about your business and your employment needs: fill out the contact form HERE

Potential Employees

- Candidates must have a valid Community Endorsement letter when applying to, or being assessed by, AAIP. 

- Candidates must meet the AAIP Rural Renewal Stream eligibility criteria. 

- Candidates currently living in Canada are only eligible if they have a valid temporary status in Canada. 

- Candidates must meet job offer, work experience, education, language, and settlement fund requirements.

If you are interested in working in the town of Didsbury, Alberta and you meet the above requirements, please tell us more about yourself (and upload your resume): fill out the contact form HERE 

Additional Information

For additional information, please email the Town of Didsbury Economic Development office at:

Visit the Government of Alberta website for more information about the Rural Renewal Stream here:

Notes to Applicants (Government of Alberta document)

Rural Renewal Stream Checklist (Government of Alberta document)