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Check out the 'Budget at a Glance' document here. 
This provides a clear illustration of the 2024 budget—including where the money comes from, where it is spent, and how the numbers affect you, a Didsbury resident or business owner.

Budget 2024

Council approved the 2024 budget at the March 26, 2024 regular council meeting, providing municipal programs and services levels while addressing inflationary pressure. The budget is summarized in the 2024 Capital and Operating Budget Report .

Operating Budget

The Operating Budget represents the day-to-day costs to operate the Town and provide programs and services. The Council uses the budget to set priorities in a given year by setting aside money for programs and services.

Council must adopt an Operating Budget for each calendar year. In the event that an operating budget is not adopted by December 31 of a given year, an interim Operating Budget may be adopted for part of a calendar year. Each year, a 3 year Multi-Year Operating Plan is reviewed and updated by Council.

Capital Budget

The Capital Budget focuses on buying or building fixed assets, and includes the amounts to acquire, construct, remove or improve capital property, the anticipated sources and amounts of money related to the capital item and the amount to be transferred from the Operating Budget. Council must adopt a Capital Budget for each calendar year.

The Town of Didsbury also prepares a Multi-Year written Capital Plan, which reflects its anticipated capital property additions over time. The Multi-Year Plan is used in the annual capital budgeting process. However, it is not in itself a budget. Therefore, the Multi-Year Plan may differ from any given annual adopted Capital Budget.

Community Engagement

Budget Survey

The 2024 budget survey was released to the public at Showcase Didsbury on September 21, 2023 and was closed on October 18, 2023. Thank you to all that participated in the survey. The information gathered in the survey is summarized in the 2024 Budget Survey Report

Budget Presentation

The 2024 budget presentation was held on November 30, 2023. A copy of the livestreaming can be viewed on our YouTube page with the presentation available here: 2024 Budget Presentation.

Budget Deliberations

Council deliberated on the 2024 budget at various regular council meetings and additional budget meetings in January, February and March, 2024. Council meeting agendas can be found HERE.

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