Subdivision, Redesignation and Rezoning

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A subdivision is the division of a parcel of land into two or more lots, each to be given a separate land title. Subdivision approval ensures that proposals are consistent with future development goals of the Town of Didsbury.

The Town of Didsbury’s engineers are ISL Engineering based out of Calgary, AB.

ISL Engineering and Land Services Ltd
#1, 6325 12 Street SE
Calgary, Alberta, T2H 2K1 
Ph: 403-254-0544

Offsite Levy Bylaw
The Offsite Levy Bylaw governs the collection of an Offsite Levy upon the land that is subject to development or subdivision. The purpose is to fund the development required for growth in the Town of Didsbury. Funds collected through the levy pay for the construction costs of the water distribution system, sanitary sewage system, and stormwater drainage system.

Construction Completion Certificate
Once the municipal improvements have been constructed, the developer's consultant must request in writing to the Project Coordinator, an inspection for each municipal improvement, submit any required test results and back up documentation, and then submit a Construction Completion Certificate (CCC) as outlined in the servicing agreement.

Final Acceptance Certificate
Upon expiry of the maintenance period of each municipal improvement outlined in the servicing agreement, the developer's consultant must apply for a Final Acceptance Certificate (FAC). The purpose of the FAC is to transfer full responsibility for a municipal improvement from the developer to the Town of Didsbury.   The signing of the Final Acceptance Certificate shall certify that the work contained in the contract has been inspected by all required parties and that the contractor has fulfilled his/her contractual obligations.


The decision of a subdivision authority on an application for subdivision approval may be appealed. 

  1. by the applicant for the approval,
  2. by a Government department if the application is required by the subdivision and development regulations to be referred to that department,
  3. by the council of the municipality in which the land to be subdivided is located if the council, a designated officer of the municipality or the municipal planning commission of the municipality is not the subdivision authority, or
  4. by a school board with respect to
    (i)    the allocation of municipal reserve and school reserve or money in place of the reserve,
    (ii)   the location of school reserve allocated to it, or
    (iii)  the amount of school reserve or money in place of the reserve.


Contact the Planning Department by Email here or call 403-335-7733

All land within the Town of Didsbury has a land use designation (zoning) assigned to it. The zoning attached to a parcel of land dictates what may or may not be developed on that parcel of land.

Refer to the Town’s Land Use Bylaw for information on zoning in the Town of Didsbury.