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Town of Didsbury Municipal Government

The Town of Didsbury Council has several roles. It represents Didsbury residents as well as the town as a whole, gathering information and balancing the wants of individual citizens with the needs of the entire community. 

Council participates in policy setting and law making and ensures policy is carried out appropriately through Council process.

The Town of Didsbury Council is made up of one Mayor and six Councillors. Didsbury does not have ridings or divisions; instead, all members of Council represent all areas of the Town of Didsbury.

How are Decisions Made?

Municipal Government

The council is the governing body of the municipal corporation and the custodian of its powers, both legislative and administrative.

The Municipal Government Act (MGA) provides that councils can only exercise the powers of the municipal corporation in the proper form, either by bylaw or resolution.

Items are generally brought to Council through Requests for Decisions from Administration in response to operational needs and public input. Council decisions set the direction for the community, and those decisions come in the form of resolutions and bylaws which direct and enable Administration to conduct the day-to-day operations of the Town of Didsbury.

Provincial Government

The Government of Alberta is responsible for things like:

  • licensing drivers
  • education and social services
  • provincial law
  • hospitals and health care
  • provincial parks

Federal Government

All provinces and territories within Canada are governed by the federal government (the Government of Canada or the Canadian Government). The federal government is responsible for things like: 

  • citizenship and passports
  • federal taxes and law
  • national defence
  • national parks
  • postal service