Permit Applications


A Development Permit is needed for most new construction or changes of use. Development permits within the Town of Didsbury are governed by the Municipal Government Act, the Municipal Development Plan, the Land Use Bylaw and the Central Core Heritage Plan (where applicable). The Development Officer or Municipal Planning Commission (MPC) is authorized as the development authority.

For some projects, development permits are not required, as long as they meet the minimum standards contained in the land use bylaw. 
 Development Permit  - New Single Family Dwelling, Duplex, Commercial, Industrial, Accessory Building etc.

Safety Codes Permit - Building Permits, Gas Permits, Electrical Permits, Plumbing Permits
  • IJD Inspections Ltd. (Red Deer) handles all Safety Codes Permits for the Town of Didsbury.  Once you receive your Development Permit and the appeal period has passed (if required) then you can contact IJD Inspections for your Building Permit and any other disciplines such as Gas, Electrical & Plumbing Permits.  You can reach them at 1-877-617-8776 or here:
  • HIRF (High Intensity Residential Fire) Regulations  
Home Occupation Permit

Home occupations are small-scale businesses that operate out of a home in a residential neighbourhood. To obtain a permit, please complete an application (link below).

Sign Permit

A sign permit is very similar to a development permit as it constitutes approval from the Town to place one or more of a variety of signs on a property. Before any type of sign can be located on a site, an application must be provided to the Development Officer for a Sign Permit. See links below for an application.

Tenancy Permit 

Tenancy Permit Applications are used when there is to be a change in ownership of a business at the location, with no change to the approved Use within a space. If no construction is occurring and the use is not intensifying or changing, planning approvals may be completed through a tenancy change. A building permit may also be required if upgrades are necessary to comply with the Alberta Building Code.

Time Extension Agreement
Other Permits
The Town of Didsbury requires notification from contractors/property owners when they are planning to do certain tasks within Town limits. Below is a list of most commonly used permit forms that are required to be completed prior to commencing work.