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Phone : 4036156777 Email :

Address:1908 20th Street Calgary Alberta

View in Map Phone : 4035865478 Email :

Address:5A, 2825-19th Street, PO Box 777 Didsbury Alberta T0M 0W0

Contact:James Carpenter

View in Map Phone : 4035073145 Email :

Address:2802 16 Street, PO Box 1016 Didsbury Alberta T0M-0W0

Contact:Ed & Val Reid

View in Map Phone : 4033353319 Email :

Address:1403A 18 ave, PO Box 1176 Didsbury Alberta T0M-0W0

Contact:Yvonne Lundeen

Phone : 403-278-2736

Address:Box 80187, 755 Lake Bonavista Drive Calgary Alberta T2J 7C9

Phone : 4032881111 Fax : 4032351325 Email : Website :

Address:5355-8th Street NE Calgary Alberta T2K 5R9

Contact:Brham Trim

Description:Plumbing and Heating Services.

View in Map Phone : 4033351605 Cell : 4035861620 Email : TJLIVINTHEDREAM@GMAIL.COM

Address:2022 18 AVENUE, PO BOX 2853 DIDSBURY ALBERTA T0M 0W0


Description:I am Tina Houden a Registered Massage Therapist. I have been a resident if Didsbury for over 38 years. I offer direct billing to over 20 different insurance companies. I am available by appointment for Weekday, Weekend and Evening appointments. I can also be found on Facebook. "Massage is not just a Luxury it's a way to Healthier, Happier Life.

Phone : 4035596651 Email :

Address:N/A, Box 2141 Didsbury Alberta T0M 0W0

Contact:Adam Maas

Description:Locally owned and operated business with 10+ years of experience in new construction, renovations and insurance claims. Specializing in all types of siding including James Hardie and KWP, soffit, fascia, custom metal cladding, window and door capping, all types of roofing including metal. Competitive rates and free estimates.

Phone : 587-225-1664 Email :

Address:, Box 367 Didsbury Alberta T0M 0W0

Contact:Laura Regehr

Phone : 403-660-7853 Email : Website :

Address:, PO Box 2954 Didsbury Alberta T0M 0W0

Contact:Tyler Lygas

View in Map Phone : 4033359595 Email : Website :

Address:2405 20 St. Didsbury Alberta T0M 0W0

Contact:Buy-Low Foods LP

View in Map Phone : 4033052046 Email : CONTACT@SUGAREDBYHEATHER.COM Website : http://www..AHHTOBESUGARED.CA



Phone : 4032656750 Email : Website :

Address:120-1338B 36th Avenue NE, 120-1338B 36th Avenue NE Calgary Alberta T2E 6T6

Phone : 4039451492 Email : Website :

Address:12 Laut Avenue, PO Box 209 Crossfield Alberta T0M 0S0

Contact:Don Currie & Roger Croft

View in Map Phone : 4035062526 Email : RANDITEMPLE@GMAIL.COM



View in Map Phone : 4033353555 Email : Website :

Address:2020 17th Avenue, PO Box 2637 Didsbury Alberta T0M 0W0

Contact:Jacqueline Gamble

Phone : 4039847815 Email : TIFFANY@ALLIANCELTD.CA



Phone : 4035565989 Email :

Address:NE 34-32-2WS, RR#2, Site 1, Box 24 Olds Alberta T4H 1P3

Contact:Maria & Beat Zumbuehl

Description:Carpet, Furnace & Vent, Upholstery, And Tile Cleaning

View in Map Phone : 4038748149 Email : KAREN@ALTACRETE.CA Website :

Address:2427 23rd AVENUE, PO BOX 1773 DIDSBURY ALBERTA T0M 0W0


View in Map Phone : 4034155502 Email : Website :

Address:2837-19th Street, PO Box 3005 Didsbury Alberta T0M-0W0

Contact:Colter Hutton

Description:Ready mix concrete, Precast concrete

Phone : 403-335-9666 Fax : 403-216-5110 Website :

Address:2005 20th Avenue, 12 East Lake Way N.E. Airdrie Alberta T4A 2J3

View in Map Phone : 4036513019 Email :

Address:15 Silverstone Place, PO BOX 1589 Didsbury Alberta T0M 0W0

Contact:Amber Gilbert

View in Map Phone : 4033359167 Email : Website :

Address:105, 1001 20 Ave, PO Box 59 Didsbury Alberta T0M 0W0

Contact:Ingrid Anderson

Phone : 4032628400 Email : Website :

Address:#6, 1440 28th Street NE, #6, 1440 28th Street NE Calgary Alberta T2A 7W6

View in Map Phone : 4033359935 Email :

Address:36 Westheights Drive, PO Box 2572 Didsbury Alberta T0M 0W0

Contact:Gwendolin Valentic

View in Map Phone : 4033964094 Email :

Address:2014 17th Avenue Didsbury Alberta T0M 0W0

Contact:Eryn Dezall

View in Map Phone : 4033353386 Cell : 4035598245 Fax : 4033353982 Email : Website :

Address:1820 20th Street, Box 430 Didsbury Alberta T0M0W0

Contact:Laurie Klassen

Description:ATB is more than a bank. We are here to listen. Listening helps us to create happiness for Albertans.

View in Map Phone : 4038358860 Email :

Address:21 Valarosa Way, PO Box 838 Didsbury Alberta T0M 0W0

Contact:Sean Harper

View in Map Phone : 4033352883 Email : Website :

Address:127, 1001 20th Avenue, RR2, Site 6.Comp 12 Didsbury Alberta T0M 0W0

Contact:Leanna Watson

Phone : 403-278-8697 Email : BBSERVICES@TELUS.NET



Email : Website : http://www.//

Address:Train Station

Contact:Carrie Wiwcharuk

Description:Yoga classes.

Phone : 4039486905 Fax : 4039127850 Email : BIGSPRINGSPLUMBING@SHAW.CA Website :



Description:Big Springs Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning Ltd. is a locally owned and operated business that has served Airdrie and surrounding areas since 1980.  We are a full service company specializing in residential and commercial repairs, renovations, and new installations.  Our well trained staff is dedicated to customer service and quality work. Some of the services that we provide are: Plumbing, heating, air conditioning, furnaces, boilers, gas fitting, hot water tanks, humidifiers, drain cleaning, back flow testing, and renovations.

Phone : 4034810284 Email : Website :

Address:N/A, PO Box 881 Didsbury Alberta T0M 0W0

Contact:Tracy Loeppky

Description:Birth of a Woman Publications and Magazine take a focused and restorative look at being a woman; the maiden, mother, crone. The Village, Community, Tribe, Circle. Alternative-Esoteric-Health Making sure every modality and story is available to enable mental, emotional, spiritual and physical health. See more at:

View in Map Phone : 4035079280 Email : Website :

Address:75 Valarosa Drive, Box 2204 Didsbury Alberta T0M 0W0

Contact:Jeff Zacharias

Phone : 4033767822 Email :

Address:PO BOX 1473 Didsbury Alberta T0M 0W0

Contact:Stacey Girletz

Phone : 4032476083 Email : Website :

Address:5711-80th Avenue SE Calgary Alberta T2C 4S6

Contact:Tim Mack

View in Map Phone : 4035073013

Address:22 Co-op Rd, PO Box 933 Didsbury Alberta T0M-0W0

Contact:Paul Bernier

Phone : 4038185031 Email : Website :

Address:110 Westridge Place, PO Box 277 Didsbury Alberta T0M 0W0

Contact:Maxine Firmston

Phone : 403-615-6777 Email : B.GURDEV@YAHOO.COM



Phone : (403) 912-2424 Email :

Address:303, 2903 Kingview Blvd S.E. Airdrie Alberta T4A- 0C4

View in Map Phone : 4035075032 Email : Website :

Address:1803-15 Avenue, PO Box 1932 Didsbury Alberta T0M-0W0

Contact:Eric Kirk

View in Map Phone : 4035185300 Email : Website :

Address:210 Morris Place, Box 1709 Didsbury Alberta T0M 0W0

Contact:Caitlan Hunter

View in Map Phone : 4033354745

Address:1333 24 Street, PO Box 743 Didsbury Alberta T0M 0W0

Contact:Ross Campbell

Phone : (403) 335-3041 Website :

Address:2013 20 Ave

View in Map Phone : 4033352200 Email : Website :

Address:2012 20 St, 126 Valley Ridge Crescent NW Didsbury Alberta T0M-0W0

Contact:Rohan Peduru Kankanange

View in Map Phone : 4038138630 Email :

Address:1613A  27 Avenue, PO Box 7 Didsbury Alberta T0M 0W0

Contact:Brian & Carol Durstling

Phone : (403) 556-4000 Email :

Address:3, 5221-46th Street, Box 4201 Olds Alberta T4H 1P8

View in Map Phone : 4033353349 Email :

Address:2016 20 St, PO Box 1120 Didsbury Alberta T0M-0W0

Contact:Brad Anderson & Craig Anderson

Phone : 403-559-7223

Address:, Box 90 Didsbury Alberta T0M 0W0

View in Map Phone : 4033358889 Email :

Address:1909 20 Street, PO Box 606 Didsbury Alberta T0M 0W0

Phone : 4034390235 Email : Website :

Address:1501-20th Avenue, Box 1550 Didsbury Alberta T0M 0W0

Contact:John Loney

Description:We are a full service landscaping company offering professional landscape supply, installation and design. Specializing in fence, patio, retaining wall and sod. Quotes are free.

View in Map Phone : 4033354321

Address:121, 1001-20ave, PO Box 2158 Didsbury Alberta T0M-0W0

View in Map Phone : 4033354321 Email :

Address:#121, 1001-20th Avenue, PO Box 1419 Didsbury Alberta T0M 0W0

Contact:Wayne Poffenroth

Phone : 4039943352 Email : Website :

Address:RR#3, Site 11, Box 21 Olds Alberta T4H 1P4

Contact:Cody Collins

Description:We are a municipal, residential and commercial concrete repair and new installation company. We also do excavation, skidsteer work, snow removal and trucking.

View in Map Phone : 4039940944 Email :

Address:2814 19 St, PO Box 959 Didsbury Alberta T0M 0W0

Contact:Trevor Quantz

View in Map Phone : 4035186665 Email :

Address:1414-20 Ave, PO Box 21 Didsbury Alberta T0M-0W0

Contact:Angela Cole

View in Map Phone : 4033354448 Email : Website :

Address:1801-27 Ave, PO Box 1828 Didsbury Alberta T0M 0W0

Contact:Gary Liesmer

View in Map Phone : 4033358080

Address:1726-22 Avenue, Box 1450 Didsbury Alberta T0M 0W0

Contact:Paul Kinghorn

Description:Auto Glass & Windshields, Shower Enclosures & Doors, Window Repair.

View in Map Phone : 4034154151 Email : Website :

Address:1806 20th Street, PO Box 2259 Didsbury Alberta T0M 0W0

Contact:Bhupinder Gill

Description:Local Brewery serving different kinds of hand crafted beers in kegs, Growlers (2L&1L) and 6-15 pack cans.

Phone : 4038729008 Email :

Address:122 Rutherford Drive Red Deer Alberta T4P 3C2

Contact:Ernest Cox

Phone : (587) 888-7105 Email :

Address:, Box 9 Didsbury Alberta T0M 0W0

Contact:Craig Severson


Phone : 7057391118 Email : Website :

Address:111 Caplan Avenue Barrie Ontario L4N 9J3

Contact:Garry Coopers

View in Map Phone : 4036209575 Email : Website :

Address:Unit B, 2701-27th Avenue, PO Box 1233 Didsbury Alberta T0M 0W0

Contact:Ronnie & Dawn Smith

Phone : 403-559-8733 Email : SERVICE@CUTTINGEDGESIGNS.ORG



View in Map Phone : 4039808233 Email : Website :

Address:102-2890 Kingsview Blvd Airdrie Alberta T4A 0E1

Contact:Chris Jones

Description:Cyclone Plumbing and Heating provides expert residential plumbing and Heating services in Airdrie, Calgary and surrounding areas. We’re an experienced and certified plumbing, heating & cooling company providing services for new home installation, repairs, and renovations.

View in Map Phone : 4033353531 Email : Website :

Address:2013-17th Avenue, Box 2155 Didsbury Alberta T0M 0W0

Contact:Ed Tuggle

Description:D.A.D. Sales is a customer-focused company with a nearly 40-year track record of success as a manufacturer’s representative of high-quality electrical equipment. D.A.D. Sales is staffed by an expert team with technical knowledge and more than 130 years of D.A.D. Sales represents the finest manufacturers of electrical supplies. We offer a tremendous range of products to best serve our marketplace and our customers’ needs. collective experience in the electrical equipment supply business in our marketplace.

View in Map Phone : 4033358747 Email :

Address:N/A, PO Box 1051 Didsbury Alberta T0M 0W0

Contact:Dale Lewis

Phone : 403-335-2056 Cell : 403-559-9161



Description:Fully Insured. Specializing in: Tree Removal Professional Pruning Custom Chipping Free Poplar Wood & Wood Chips You Load you Haul Split Firewood For Sale. Serving County of Mountain View since 2005.

View in Map Phone : 4039929011 Email :

Address:42 Sandpiper Drive, PO Box 2995 Didsbury Alberta T0M 0W0

Contact:Todd Davidson

View in Map Phone : 4033358565 Email :

Address:3701 7 Avenue, RR1 SITE 14 COMP 24 Didsbury Alberta T0M 0W0

Contact:Dana Munn

Description:Custom Home Builder

View in Map Phone : 4033355616 Email : Website :

Address:102, 1610-20th Street, Box 1149 Didsbury Alberta T0M 0W0

Contact:Dina & Wayne Middlebrook

View in Map Phone : 4033353113 Email :

Address:1702 20st, PO Box 547 Didsbury Alberta T0M-0W0

Contact:Rick Wannamaker

View in Map Phone : 4033359295 Email : Website :

Address:2118 21 Avenue, Box 1175 Didsbury AB T0M 0W0

Contact:Frankie Kelly

View in Map Phone : 4033353265 Email : Website :

Address:1811 20th Street Didsbury Alberta T0M 0W0

Contact:Brian Chita

Description:The Chamber is a non-profit organization made up of local businesses, professionals, and people of Didsbury. Working together to build a strong, and growing commerce for our community.

View in Map Phone : 4033357369 Email : Website :

Address:1702 - 21 Ave, PO Box 790 Didsbury Alberta T0M 0W0

Contact:Vicki Godsall

Phone : 403-335-4672

Address:2205 19 Street, 5225 Coral Shores Drive Calgary Alberta T3J 3J7

View in Map Phone : 4036156777 Email : B.GURDEV@YAHOO.COM

Address:20 1602 20 STREET, PO BOX 2250 DIDSBURY ALBERTA T0M 0W0


View in Map Phone : 4033354616 Fax : 4033354619 Email : Website :

Address:115, 1001 20 Ave, PO Box 56 Didsbury Alberta T0M 0W0

Contact:Dave Phillips

View in Map Phone : 4033358800 Email : Website :

Address:1610 - 20 Street, PO Box 2109 Didsbury Alberta T0M 0W0

Contact:Jim Penner

Description:Ink and computer peripherals sales. Full computer and network repairs and service. Website design and hosting services.

View in Map Phone : 4033358088 Email : Website :

Address:1714 20th Avenue, Box 550 Didsbury Alberta T0M 0W0

Contact:Jae Kang

Description:Renovated under new ownership. Clean, comfy, kind and good value.

View in Map Phone : 4033353855 Email : Website :

Address:2220 20th Street, Box 2160 Didsbury Alberta T0M 0W0

Contact:Gail Fuhr

View in Map Phone : 4033350022 Email : Website :

Address:1912-20 Street, PO Box 2190 Didsbury Alberta T0M 0W0

Contact:Macjo Holdings Ltd.

View in Map Phone : 4033353635 Email : Website :

Address:2002-23rd Street, PO Box 2070 Didsbury Alberta T0M 0W0

Contact:Didsbury Golf Club

View in Map Phone : 4033353262

Address:1720 20 St, PO Box 460 Didsbury Alberta T0M 0W0

Contact:Corinna Vandyck

View in Map Phone : 4035187019 Email :

Address:2014-19 Ave, PO Box 2530 Didsbury Alberta T0M-0W0

Phone : (403) 335-3142

Address:2033 19 Ave

Phone : 403-615-6777 Email : B.GURDEV@YAHOO.COM



View in Map Phone : 4033354005 Email : Website :

Address:2206-20 St, PO Box 2823 Didsbury Alberta T0M-0W0

Contact:Joyce Bayfield

View in Map Phone : 4033357369 Email : Website :

Address:1702 - 21 Ave, PO Box 790 Didsbury Alberta T0M 0W0

Contact:Jason Wourms

View in Map Phone : 4033358908 Website :

Address:1610 20 Street, PO Box 339 Didsbury Alberta T0M 0W0

Contact:Jim Penner

Description:Secure unheated storage units for business and household items.

View in Map Phone : 4033353159 Fax : 4034390171

Address:1414 20th Avenue, Box 21 Didsbury Alberta T0M 0W0

View in Map Phone : 4034703292 Email :

Address:4414 46 Ave, Box 133 Didsbury Alberta T4H 1A2

Contact:Peter Home

View in Map Phone : 4033353066 Website :

Address:1918 - 20 Street, Box 156 Didsbury Alberta T0M-0W0

Contact:Jody & Chris Keller

View in Map Phone : 4038072761 Email : DIDSBURYSALOON@GMAIL.COM

Address:2014 19 AVENUE, PO BOX 2530 DIDSBURY ALBERTA T0M 0W0


View in Map Phone : 4038620300 Email :

Address:N/A, PO Box 2029 Didsbury Alberta T0M 0W0

Contact:Robert Robinson

Description:Didsbury Taxi is a community based locally owned business. My mission is to provide a safe and reliable means of transportation at a fare,affordable rate that will also also allow Didsbury Taxi to move forward in growth.

View in Map Phone : 4033358529 Email :

Address:2417 19 Street, Box 1225 Didsbury Alberta T0M 0W0

Contact:Harley Seymour

View in Map Phone : 4033353307 Email : Website :

Address:1710-20th Street, PO Bag 3010 Didsbury Alberta T0M 0W0

Contact:Brad & Dione Blatz

View in Map Phone : 4033353519 Email : Website :

Address:2601 16 St, Box 1180 Didsbury Alberta T0M-0W0

Contact:Andy Mencarelli

View in Map Phone : 4039984765 Email : Website :

Address:#105, 100 Southridge Place, PO Box 2892 Didsbury Alberta T0M 0W0

Contact:Geraldine MacDonald

View in Map Phone : 4034374031 Email :

Address:2301 19 Street Didsbury Alberta T0M0W0

Contact:Zafar Tahir

Description:Used car sales,

View in Map Phone : 4035594705 Email : DOGGONECUTEPETSPA@GMAIL.COM



Phone : 4033354040 Email : Website :



Phone : 4033354321 Email :

Address:121, 1001 20 Avenue, PO Box 596 Didsbury Alberta T0M 0W0

Contact:Gord Kerr

View in Map Phone : 4033354321 Email : Website :

Address:121, 1001-20 Avenue, PO Box 596 Didsbury Alberta T0M-0W0

Contact:Gord Kerr

View in Map Phone : 4033359113 Email : Website :

Address:1521 20 Ave, PO Box 1073 Didsbury Alberta T0M 0W0

Contact:Sam Hyslop

Description:Driving School

Phone : 403-276-8600 Email : Website :

Address:2325 20 Avenue NE Calgary Alberta T3G8S4

Contact:Dan Sager

View in Map Phone : 4033358644 Email : Website :

Address:1414 18 ST, PO BOX 324 Didsbury Alberta T0M 0W0

Contact:Pat Rowden

View in Map Phone : 4033419300 Email : Website :

Address:8339 Chiles Industrial Avenue Red Deer Alberta T4P 1H2

Contact:Danny Ardellini

Phone : 4039993621 Email : Website :

Address:1313 25 Street, PO Box 2501 Didsbury Alberta T0M-0W0

Contact:Erin Fredlund

View in Map Phone : 4033358511 Email :

Address:1620 20 STREET, PO BOX 2470 Didsbury Alberta T0M 0W0

View in Map Phone : 4033354661 Email :

Address:1733 20th Avenue, Box 1702 Didsbury Alberta T0M 0W0

View in Map Phone : 4033358326 Email : Website :

Address:1904 20 Street, PO Box 426 Didsbury Alberta T0M 0W0

Contact:Theo Springer

Phone : 4033353477 Email : Website :

Address:1002 SEC. Hwy 582, PO Box 189 Didsbury Alberta T0M 0W0

Contact:Jeff Feeg

Phone : 403-229-1479

Address:, 102, 12450 40th Street S.E. Calgary Alberta T2Z 5A1

Phone : 403-556-9219 Email : Website :

Address: Didsbury Alberta

Contact:Sarah Konschuh

Phone : 403-507-0764 Email : FOODOFFTHEGRID@GMAIL.COM



View in Map Phone : 4033352020 Email : Website :

Address:2032 17th Avenue, Box 2040 Didsbury Alberta T0M 0W0

Contact:Roderick Adams & Jeffery Waddell

View in Map Phone : 4033358965 Email : Website :

Address:1448 Township Rd 312A, PO Box 787 Didsbury Alberta T0M 0W0

Contact:Gerard Fournier

Description:Certified Arborists. Safe and professional tree pruning & removals. Stump Grinding, Tree planting. Consultations & Appraisals. Tree nursery – Locally grown, Prairie Hardy trees & shrubs. Mulch sales. Fully insured, Alberta COR safety recognized

View in Map Phone : 4033353838

Address:1734 20th Avenue, Box 845 Didsbury Alberta T0M 0W0

Contact:Helmar Blech

Phone : (403) 337-3919

Address:2030-17 Ave, Box 24 Carstairs Alberta T0M 0N0

View in Map Phone : 5878886075 Email :

Address:901-10th Street, RR#1, Site 12, Box 9 Didsbury Alberta T0M 0W0

Contact:Vanessa Schmidt

Description:“Hello, I’m Vanessa, owner and operator of From The Roots in Didsbury. I have been a Journeyman Stylist for a little over 8 years, and I’ve loved every minute of it. The majority of that time was spent working as a stylist at a salon in Calgary, learning and growing with each opportunity. Every step there, lead me to where I am now, choosing to be my own boss, as I continue to do what I am passionate about, HAIR. I offer a variety of hair services from cuts for the whole family, chemical services which include colours, highlights, and permanent waving, to updos and styles for special occasions. Although hair is my passion, I thrive off the social environment that surrounds it. The ability to build relationships through making people feel good about themselves, and seeing their smiling faces, is why I love what I do. Being in this industry is so much more then just doing hair, and I’m blessed to be a part of it. I invite you to come and see what From The Roots is all about, in a salon like atmosphere, with a personalized service, tailored to suit you and your needs. Please find us on Facebook.

View in Map Phone : 4033352222 Email :

Address:2009 20 Ave, PO Box 542 Didsbury Alberta T0M 0W0

Contact:Allen Reed

Phone : 4033358344 Email : Website :



Phone : 4036513029 Email : Website :

Address:282131 RR# 14 Crossfield Alberta

Phone : 780-426-6055 Email : Website :

Address:14605 118 Avenue NW Edmonton Alberta T5L 2M7

Phone : 403-994-1192 Email :

Address:, RR 4, Site 2, Box 4 Olds Alberta T4H 1T8

View in Map Phone : 4033354814 Email : Website :

Address:2002-20ave, PO Box 1221 Didsbury Alberta T0M-0W0

Contact:Amy & Gil Enns

View in Map Phone : 4035185466 Cell : 4035863073 Website :

Address:28 West Heights Crescent, PO Box 1441 Didsbury Alberta T0M 0W0

Contact:Dimitrios Anogiatis

Description:IT Consultant

View in Map Phone : 4039681413 Email : Website :

Address:114 Morningside Circle SW, 114 Morningside Circle SW Airdrie Alberta T4B 0L8

Contact:Brett Armsden

Phone : 403-343-0380 Email : Website :

Address:110, 7700-76 STREET CLOSE Red Deer Alberta T4P 4G6


View in Map Phone : 4036372253 Email :

Address:1601-15th Avenue Didsbury Alberta T0M 0W0

Contact:Peggy Good

View in Map Phone : 4033358191 Email : Website :

Address:2401 19 Street, Box 904 Didsbury Alberta T0M 0W0

Contact:Lowell Grasse

View in Map Phone : 4033358899 Email :

Address:1902 20 Street, PO Box 2747 Didsbury Alberta T0M 0W0

Phone : 4032712111 Email : Website :

Address:4, 240007 Frontier Crescent Rocky View County Alberta T1X 0R4

Contact:Craig Girodat & Kerry Girodat

View in Map Phone : 4035565674 Email :

Address:N/A, PO Box 1268 Carstairs Alberta T0M 0N0

Contact:Jack Bell

Phone : 4033358969 Email :

Address:2407 Sec Hwy 582, PO Box 1954 Didsbury Alberta T0M-0W0

Contact:Stan Neufeld

View in Map Phone : 4035863437 Email :

Address:1502 Mary Place, PO Box 91 Didsbury Alberta T0M 0W0


Description:I am a Food Truck(Trailer) that serves fresh non gluten all beef hot dogs and smokies. I also have chicken dogs available upon request. My business is Alberta Health Services certified. I am capable of large and small events. Please contact me and we can discuss all your weenie needs.

Phone : 4035071725 Email :

Address:#6 Westridge Drive, PO BOX 52 Didsbury Alberta T0M 0W0

Contact:Neal groot

View in Map Phone : 4033353935 Email :

Address:1908-20th Street, Box 1729 Didsbury Alberta T0M 0W0

Contact:Natalie Desseroit

View in Map Phone : 4033358230 Email : Website :

Address:2008 20th Street, Box 1523 Didsbury Alberta T0M 0W0

Contact:Brenda Rahn

Phone : 403-861-4391 Email : Website :

Address:8, 1601 - 15 Avenue, Box 112 Carstairs Alberta T0M 0N0


Phone : 4039943314 Email :

Address:1241 Twp 364, RR#2 SITE 5 BOX 5 Mountain View County Alberta T0M 0W0

Contact:Kerry Harnack

Phone : 403-556-3065 Email : HAYCITY.PROJECTS@OLDSNET.CA


View in Map Phone : 4035078610 Email : Website :

Address:1413 21st Avenue, 6287 67A St Red Deer Alberta T4P 3V9

Contact:Gordon Mathers

View in Map Phone : 4033074887 Email :

Address:#9, 1427 - 18 Street, PO Box 2667 Didsbury Alberta T0M 0W0

Contact:Heather Pederson

Description:Heather’s Childcare Services offers a variety of programs including play and education. Included are age appropriate books, games, arts &crafts, circle times, and lots of outside play to stimulate children’s creativity and cognitive skills. Heather’s Childcare Services has remained opened for seven years, which qualifies for exceptional childcare skills, that also includes a Child Development Certificate and excellent references.

Phone : 4035073428

Address:2134 18 Avenue, PO BOX 2868 DIDSBURY ALBERTA T0M 0W0


View in Map Phone : 4039940081 Email : Website :

Address:1353 24 Street, PO Box 1786 Didsbury Alberta T0M 0W0

Contact:David Waiting

View in Map Phone : 4033358100 Email :

Address:2129 15th Avenue, Box 2527 Didsbury Alberta T0M 0W0

Contact:Jong Young Kim

Phone : 403-669-8770 Email :

Address:, Box 1710 Carstairs Alberta T0M 0N0

Contact:Keith Goodman

Description:Home builder.

Phone : (403) 335-3888

Address:1909 20 Street, 203, 4833 52nd Street Olds Alberta T4H 1G2

Contact:Jackie Shields

View in Map Phone : 4035072587 Email : Website :

Address:# C, 6220 Imperial Way, # C, 6220 Imperial Way Olds Alberta T4H 1M5

Contact:Jason Ross

Phone : 4033466533 Email : Website :

Address:Red Deer, E4, 5560-45 Street Red Deer Alberta T4N 1L1

Contact:Jim Dobler

View in Map Phone : 4035185858 Email : Website :

Address:218 Southridge Place, Box 1058 Didsbury Alberta T0M 0W0

Contact:Laura Crowe

Description:imagine It In Writing helps you communicate! Services offered include writing, editing, ghostwriting, and writing classes.

Phone : 403-586-2482 Email :

Address:, PO Box 2850 Didsbury Alberta T0M 0W0

Contact:Scott Douglass

Phone : 4039481333 Email : Website :

Address:708 East Lake Rise N.E. Airdrie Alberta T4A 2H9

Contact:Randy Greenlaw


Phone : 4032540544 Email : Website :

Address:4015-7th Street SE Calgary Alberta T2G 2Y9

Phone : 4033358831 Email :

Address:1147 Kings Heights Way SE Airdrie Alberta T4A 0S4

Contact:Jason Dueck

Phone : 4039661109 Email : Website :

Address:17B Poplar Ridge, Box 2203 Didsbury Alberta T0M 0W0

Contact:Lyle Dobberthein

View in Map Phone : 4034156670 Email :

Address:#57 Bluebird Drive, PO Box 1830 Didsbury Alberta T0M 0W0

Contact:Justin Matz

View in Map Phone : 4035070529 Email :

Address:1506 18th Avenue, PO Box 2893 Didsbury Alberta T0M 0W0

Contact:Jannine Leonard

View in Map Phone : 4033057944 Email : Website :

Address:1702 21st Avenue (Memorial Complex), 255 Canals Close S.W. Airdrie Alberta T4B-0S4

Contact:Alissa Bisschop

View in Map Phone : 4033353541 Email :

Address:2013 19 Ave, PO Box 126 Didsbury Alberta T0M-0W0

Contact:Jae Teskey

Phone : 403-897-5503 Email :

Address:, PO Box 2013 Didsbury Alberta T0M 0W0

Contact:Jen Derksen

Phone : (403) 335-1959 Fax : (403) 507-0249 Email :

Address:, Box 1567 Didsbury Alberta T0M 0W0

Contact:Gary Griffiths

Phone : 403-669-2552 Email :

Address:, Box 1409 Carstairs Alberta T0M 0N0

Contact:Jeff Victoria

Phone : 587-224-2252 Email : Website :

Address: Airdrie Alberta

Contact:Julian Villas

View in Map Phone : 4033695900 Email : Website :

Address:N/A, Box 2692 Didsbury Alberta T0M 0W0

Contact:Justin Tersteeg

Description:Renovations, Windows & Doors, Finishing

View in Map Phone : 4033354242 Email :

Address:2814 19th Street, PO Box 34 Didsbury Alberta T0M 0W0

Contact:John Daly

View in Map Phone : 4035860711 Email :

Address:N/A, PO Box 1658 Didsbury Alberta T0M 0W0

Contact:Jonathan Lefebvre

Phone : 4038076256 Email :

Address:2105 Twp Rd. 312, Box 1973 Didsbury Alberta T0M 0W0

Contact:Norman Jordet

Description:Architectural Design and Drafting Service.

View in Map Phone : 4033353033

Address:1725 20 Avenue, Box 2757 Didsbury Alberta T0M 0W0

Contact:Paul Balafas

Phone : 403-999-3315 Email :

Address: Didsbury Alberta

Contact:Kurt & Tannis Temple

Description:Siding, Soffit, Fascia, Roofing, Eaves trough, Window Capping. Husband & wife team with over 25 years experience.

View in Map Phone : 4033353228 Email :

Address:1703  20th Avenue, Box 1239 Didsbury Alberta T0M 0W0

Contact:M.J. Paul

View in Map Phone : 4039883842 Email :

Address:1613 20th Avenue, Box 1608 Didsbury Alberta T0M 0W0

Contact:Corrie Tomlinson

View in Map Phone : 4035070274 Email :

Address:1100-20th Avenue, Box 2167 Didsbury Alberta T0M 0W0

Contact:Kim Anderson

View in Map Phone : 4036156777 Email : B.GURDEV@YAHOO.COM

Address:10 - 1602 20 Street DIDSBURY ALBERTA


View in Map Phone : 4035869728 Email :

Address:A32349 16th Street, Box 358 Didsbury Alberta T0M 0W0

Contact:Lindsay Cooper

View in Map Phone : 4035188888 Email : Website :

Address:16a Poplar Ridge Close, PO Box 3004 Didsbury Alberta T0M-0W0

Contact:Paul Vickers

View in Map Phone : 4035075799 Email : Website :

Address:N/A, Box 2512 Didsbury Alberta T0M 0W0

Contact:Robert Steer

Description:We are the Central Alberta painting company that stands apart from the competition because we make quality a requisite for all work we do and we always deliver a first class job. We pride ourselves in our ability to constantly exceed even the most demanding customer's expectations. From detailed estimates to extensive quality control, Longhorn Painting provides nothing less than the best in quality painting services. Whether you are a homeowner or a property manager, you want to know when you hire painters, you are hiring professionals. At Longhorn Painting you can rest assured that you are hiring the best and the most dedicated team of professional residential painters and commercial painting contractors Central Alberta has to offer. Regardless of the job, there are four key components that are required for it to be completed successfully: 1. Using the right products 2. Hiring professionals to perform the services properly 3. Getting the job done on time 4. Getting it done on budget The foundation of our business is providing this winning combination on every job we do. Rob Steer has been a professional painter for 28 years, starting his company in 2007 after he and his wife moved to Didsbury, AB.

View in Map Phone : 5878720515 Email : Website :

Address:Bay 133, 1001-20th Avenue, PO Box 2954 Didsbury Alberta T0M 0W0

Contact:Tyler Lygas

Phone : 4035075852 Email :

Address:17 Southridge Crescent Didsbury Alberta T0M 0W0

Contact:Michael & Leanne Johnson

Description:Commercial Cleaning

View in Map Phone : 4033352071 Email :

Address:1919 20th Street, Box 1330 Didsbury Alberta T0M-0W0

Contact:Mark & Karen Missikewitz

View in Map Phone : 4033903639 Email : Website :

Address:1717 16th Street, Box 897 Didsbury Alberta T0M 0W0

Contact:Jake Peters

View in Map Phone : 4035861145 Email : Website :

Address:Unit A, 1701 27th Avenue, PO Box 356 Didsbury Alberta T0M 0W0

Contact:Greg Sanford

Description:We are a locally run business based out of Didsbury, specializing in dyno tuning and testing on domestic and import vehicles.  

View in Map Phone : 4033353663 Email :

Address:8 Co-op Road, Box 268 Didsbury Alberta T0M 0W0

Contact:Marlin McMann

View in Map Phone : 4035599067 Email :

Address:RR1 Didsbury Alberta T0M 0W0

Contact:Connie Harder

Description:Meal Thyme is a locally sourced, locally owned business. With a passion for tasty, health conscious meals, this service is designed to offer prepared meals to your doorstep every week. All meals will come to you as prepared as you choose. Fully cooked single serving meals are also available.

Phone : 1-800-777-5458 Email : Website :

Address:, PO BOX 21086 RED DEER ALBERTA T4R 2M1

Description:Our business specializes in Home Maintenance of the Interior and Exterior of Residential and Commercial Buildings. We provide a variety of services including Window Cleaning, Gutter Cleaning, and House Washing. We have integrity pricing and a clean guarantee. We are fully licensed and insured and we care about the work we do. Our kilted, friendly and helpful technicians are fully uniformed and are ready to bring smiles to the world one Kilt at a time!! Barkley Carrier | Managing Partner | Men In Kilts Red Deer| 587-597-0917 Call 1.800.777.KILT [5458] to get a free estimate today or visit us online at

View in Map Phone : 4033354985

Address:1910 20 Street, PO Box 2737 Didsbury Alberta T0M 0W0

View in Map Phone : 4035071534 Email :

Address:1213-20th Street, RR 1, Site 16, Box 26 Didsbury Alberta T0M 0W0

Contact:Jeff Miller

View in Map Phone : 0000000000 Email : Website :



View in Map Phone : 4039940945 Email : Website :

Address:2818 19th Street, Box 643 Didsbury Alberta T0M 0W0

Contact:Roger Quantz

Phone : 403-559-4486 Email :


Contact:Andrew Reimer

View in Map Phone : 8882429002 Email : Website :

Address:2524-15th Avenue, Box 2773 Didsbury Alberta T0M 0W0

Contact:Melynda Crampton

View in Map Phone : 4035563304 Website :

Address:2003 20th Street, 200, 2850 Sunridge Blvd N.E. Calgary, Alberta T1Y 6G2 Didsbury Alberta T0M 0W0

Contact:Connect First Credit Union Ltd.

Phone : (403) 335-8333

Address:2010 20th St, 4510 Shannon Dr Olds Alberta T4H 1C1

Contact:Keir  & Kathy Steeler

Phone : 403-556-7510 Email : Website :

Address:2017-19th Avenue, PO Box 3910 Olds Alberta T4H 1P6

Contact:Murray Elliott

View in Map Phone : 4033354901 Email : Website :

Address:1414 16 Street, PO Box 2130 Didsbury Alberta T0M-0W0

View in Map Phone : 4033356466

Address:201, 2034 19th Avenue, Box 2999 Didsbury Alberta T0M 0W0

View in Map Phone : 4034390177 Email : Website :

Address:2002 23rd AVENUE, PO BOX 2123 DIDSBURY ALBERTA T0M 0W0


Description:Reiki Therapy and Spiritual Guidance

Phone : 403-335-3686 Email :

Address:2017B 19 Avenue Calgary Alberta

Contact:Meena Chandra

Description:Hair Salon

View in Map Phone : 4033359696 Fax : 4033355221 Email : Website :

Address:A1, 2409-16th Street, Box 279 Didsbury Alberta T0M 0W0




Phone : 4039947378 Email :

Address:1316 Bergen Road, PO Box 425 Didsbury Alberta T0M-0W0

Contact:Trevor & Michelle Rowe

Phone : 403-291-2980 Email : Website :

Address:BAY 11, 3905-32ND AVENUE N.E., BAY 11, 3905-32ND AVENUE N.E CALGARY ALBERTA T1Y 1C1


Phone : 4035869737 Email : Website :

Address:PO Box 734 Didsbury Alberta T0M 0W0


Description:Our Virtual Desk - ‘Assisting Businesses Grow’, is a Virtual Assistant company that is operated by a mother/daughter team! We support those who may feel hindered by an overwhelming amount of tasks that are time consuming, challenging, and/or you have an aversion to. We offer services virtually, including; Email Management (organizing, maintaining and providing customer service through your inbox); Administrative Support (customer service, data entry, file management, etc.); Social Media Management (posting, creation and engagement for any platforms (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, etc)); & Much More! Call or email us today for a FREE consultation! To learn more about our services we offer, check out our website! ________________________ Facebook: @ourvirtualdesk Instagram: @our_virtual_desk ________________________

View in Map Phone : 4033357233 Email :

Address:2117 12th Avenue, Box 931 Didsbury Alberta T0M 0W0

Contact:Patty Patterson

View in Map Phone : 4033353830 Email : Website :

Address:305 Valarosa Place, PO Box 1296 Didsbury Alberta T0M 0W0

Contact:Pat Crothers

Description:Homemade breakfast jam's, and jellies plus an assortment of gourmet feasting Jellies that add sparkle to appetizers such as cheese and crackers.

Phone : 403-342-4666 Email : RDJCA@PDS.CA



Email :

Address:, PO Box 1453 Didsbury Alberta T0M 0W0

Contact:Perry Sundberg

View in Map Phone : 4033354355 Email : Website :

Address:Bay D, 1613-27th Avenue, Box 1642 Didsbury Alberta T0M 0W0

Contact:Kurtis Person

Phone : 403-615-8777

Address:#60 1602 20TH STREET

View in Map Phone : 4035564909 Email :

Address:1415 18th Street, Box 2172 Didsbury Alberta T0M 0W0

Contact:Lorelei Schmidt

Description:Gel nails

View in Map Phone : 4032003529 Email : Website :

Address:1702-21 Avenue, PO Box 2485 Didsbury Alberta T0M 0W0

Contact:John Forsythe

Description:Prairie Whistle Food Co. is proud to be a part of the Didsbury community offering a fresh take on concession food.  You will find us located on the second floor of the Didsbury Multiplex, be sure to make us a part of your game day experience or stop by for lunch, dinner or both.  Check our social media pages @prairiewhistlefoodco for hours of operation. We look forward to serving you & your families for the 2019/2020 season.

View in Map Phone : 4035860077 Email :

Address:1438-22 Avenue, PO Box 433 Didsbury Alberta T0M-0W0

Contact:Brian Wittal

View in Map Phone : 4033354118 Cell : 4039941968 Email :

Address:PO Box 779 Didsbury Alberta T0M-0W0

Contact:Rob Edwards

Phone : 4035563474 Email :

Address:RR#23 32540, RR 2, Site 2, Box 14 Olds Alberta T4H 1P3

Phone : 403-439-0176 Email :

Address:, PO Box 751 Didsbury Alberta T0M 0W0

Contact:Murray Smith

View in Map Phone : 4038136818 Email :

Address:2017 24 Avenue, PO Box 2017 Didsbury Alberta T0M 0W0

Contact:Michel Larocque

Description:We bring the Track & Truck 2U

View in Map Phone : 4033353377 Email : Website :

Address:1906 20th Street, Box 1898 Didsbury Alberta T0M 0W0

Contact:Cindy Tippe

Phone : 4032161600 Email : Website :

Address:206 2411 4th Street N.W. Calgary Alberta T2M 2Z8

Contact:Pat Hare

Phone : 4038022020 Email : Website :

Address:540 2nd Avenue SE Airdrie Alberta T4B 2C2

Contact:Dan Peters or Chez Peters

Phone : 306-349-9053 Email : Website :

Address:, PO Box 2712 Didsbury Alberta T0M 0W0

Contact:Darci Schapansky

View in Map Phone : 7808033501 Email : Website :

Address:#109, 1001-20th Avenue, RR2 Didsbury Alberta T0M-0W0

Contact:Darren Reedy

Phone : 4034725264 Email : Website :

Address:Bay 111, 3953-112 Avenue SE Calgary Alberta T2C 0J4

View in Map Phone : 4033358202 Email :

Address:1602 25th Avenue, Box 927 Didsbury Alberta T0M 0W0

Contact:William & Brenda Fleming

View in Map Phone : 4036386568 Email : Website :

Address:6004 B Imperial Way, PO BOX 866 Sundre Alberta T0M 1X0

Contact:Ryan Bloomer

View in Map Phone : 4038041708 Email :

Address:186 Canals Close SW Airdrie Alberta T4B 0S5

Contact:Lynda & Glenn Leddy

View in Map Phone : 4038507890 Email :

Address:32 Westheights Dr, PO Box 1107 Didsbury Alberta T0M-0W0

Contact:Rodger Logan

View in Map Phone : 4033359778 Cell : 4035598377 Email : Website :

Address:1812-20th Street, Box 876 Didsbury Alberta T0M 0W0


Phone : 403-872-7222 Email : Website :

Address:#17 7875-48th Avenue, 59 Marion Crescent Red Deer Alberta T4P 1N1

Contact:Tom Raba

Phone : (403) 945-4585 Fax : (403) 945-2680

Address:2830 19th Street, 724 East Lake Rd Airdrie Alberta T4A 2J5

Phone : (403) 945-4585 Fax : (403) 945-2680 Email :

Address:, 724 East Lake Rd Airdrie Alberta T4A 2J5

Contact:Kevin Ruby & David Ruby

View in Map Phone : 4033353481 Email :

Address:1802 Anderson Place, PO Box 1508 Didsbury Alberta T0M-0W0

Contact:Sharon Wadel

Phone : 4033352828 Email : Website :

Address:2022-20th Avenue, Box 2828 Didsbury Alberta T0M 0W0

Contact:Richard & Marjorie McCue

Description:Religious Educational Services

Phone : 403-343-7270 Email : DAVIDL@SCOTTBUILDERS.COM



View in Map Phone : 4035075939 Email :

Address:1338B 23RD STREET, PO Box 2760 DIDSBURY ALBERTA T0M 0W0


View in Map Phone : 4039688255 Email : LEANDRAH27@HOTMAIL.COM

Address:2023-19TH AVENUE Didsbury Alberta T0M 0W0


View in Map Phone : 4034155451 Email :

Address:2103 13th Avenue, PO Box 2232 Didsbury Alberta T0M 0W0

Contact:Loretta McGregor

Description:I am working 3 mornings at Bethany Care. I will be home afternoons and all day Fridays. I am willing to travel to your location if necessary. I specialize in Perms, Cuts, Colours and Facial Waxing. Please call for appointments.

View in Map Phone : 4033358018

Address:106 Westpoint Pl, Box 1881 Didsbury Alberta T0M 0W0

View in Map Phone : 4033354692 Email : Website :

Address:10 Westhill Crescent, Box 671 Didsbury Alberta T0M 0W0

Contact:Shirley Portingale

Phone : 4038183118 Email :

Address:66 Chapala Landing SE Calgary Alberta T2X 3P8

Contact:Catherine Neifer

Phone : 4033476931 Email : Website :

Address:6204-46th Avenue Red Deer Alberta T4N 7A2

Contact:Ben Meyer

View in Map Phone : 4033358895 Email : Website :

Address:1710B 20th Street, Box 309 Didsbury Alberta T0M-0W0

Contact:Andrew Jackson

Phone : 403-507-3040 Email : FRANCIS@SINKSANDSTINKS.COM

Address:5302-52ND STREET, 5302-52ND STREET OLDS ALBERTA T4H-1H7


Phone : 403-335-3390

Address:1705 20th Street, 5602-46th Street Olds Alberta T4H 1B8

Contact:Diamadis Rebelos & Dimitrios Tsivelis

View in Map Phone : 4039732014 Email : Website :

Address:14 Valarosa Court, PO Box 584 Didsbury Alberta T0M 0W0

Contact:Renae Phypers

Description:Are you feeling weary, burned out, in pain or just wanting a moment to escape and find a place to rest and be refreshed? I am a home based business owner with over 12 years experience as a registered massage therapist, recognized for insurance benefits. I provide a variety of effective therapeutic and soothing spa therapies to help clients reduce pain and enter a place of rest and relaxation supporting their well being. My ideal clients are needing relief from life pressures and stress, help to alleviate pain and to find comfort and ease through prenatal and postnatal pregnancy. I have a wellspring of combined experience in clinical and spa training that uniquely position me to provide clients with the tranquil elements of a spa through aromatherapy and hot stone services as well as therapeutic treatments. I have trained specifically in pregnancy massage, dynamic cupping, hot stone therapy and raindrop aromatherapy. To book an appointment please call me at 403-973-2014.

View in Map Phone : 4036670193 Email :

Address:1601 15 Avenue, Box 2171 Didsbury Alberta T0M 0W0

Contact:Armando Torres

Description:We offer Spanish lessons for almost all ages starting at 8 years old and up. Please contact me at the above noted phone number or email and I can answer any questions that you may have.

View in Map Phone : 4033358430

Address:2014 20th Avenue, Box 718 Didsbury Alberta T0M 0W0

Contact:Lance Plewis

Phone : 4039941694 Email :

Address:1722-22 Avenue, PO BOX 2848 Didsbury Alberta T0M 0W0

Contact:Lyle Stauffer

View in Map Phone : 4033353192 Email :

Address:1602 27th Avenue, PO Box 1748 Didsbury Alberta T0M 0W0

Contact:Sterling Toews

View in Map Phone : 4032372388

Address:1714 20th Avenue, PO Box 266 Didsbury Alberta T0M 0W0

Phone : 403-350-5605 Email :

Address:, PO Box 730 Didsbury Alberta T0M 0W0

Contact:Helena Houghton

Description:Horse Boarding Stables

View in Map Phone : 4035597155 Email : Website :

Address:2333 17th Avenue, PO Box 1172 Didsbury Alberta T0M 0W0

Contact:Carol Tucker

View in Map Phone : 4033355155 Email :

Address:7, 2026-17th Avenue, PO Box 831 Didsbury Alberta T0M 0W0

Contact:Maureen Ivan

View in Map Phone : 4033353212 Email : Website :

Address:1714-27 Ave, PO Box 665 Didsbury Alberta T0M-0W0

Description:Ready Mix Concrete

View in Map Phone : 4035868277

Address:10 Valarosa Court, Box 2854 Didsbury Alberta T0M 0W0

Contact:Tane Skotheim

View in Map Phone : 4033359158 Fax : 4035071482

Address:1805 19th Street, Box 1389 Didsbury Alberta T0M 0W0

Phone : 4035868335 Email : Website :

Address:1613 27 Avenue Bay B, PO Box 1168 Didsbury Alberta T0M 0W0

Contact:Matthew Mantai

Description:Training for Warriors

View in Map Phone : 4038072761 Email :

Address:2302-20th Avenue, RR#1, Site 2, Comp 13 Didsbury Alberta T0M 0W0

Contact:Julianna Ludwig

View in Map Phone : 4035598558

Address:1830 15th Avenue, Box 3031 Didsbury Alberta T0M 0W0

Contact:Robert K. Dawley

View in Map Phone : 4034621264 Email :

Address:2028 - 17th Avenue, Box 1953 Didsbury Alberta T0M 0W0

Contact:Susan Gole

Description:Manicures, Pedicures, Esthetics

View in Map Phone : 5875812728 Email : Website :

Address:2016-17th Avenue, 294 Auburn Bay Blvd SE, Calgary ,Alberta, T3M 0C6 Didsbury Alberta T0M 0W0

Contact:Claudine Burke

View in Map Phone : 4035071219 Email : Website :

Address:55 Southridge Crescent, PO Box 2587 Didsbury Alberta T0M-0W0

Contact:Dave Sommers

View in Map Phone : 5876800224 Email : Website :

Address:Olds, 5218-50th Avenue Olds Alberta T4H 1N4


View in Map Phone : 4035070990 Email :

Address:1306-20th Street, PO Box 1472 Didsbury Alberta T0M 0W0

Contact:Garry Anderson

Description:Affordable Mobility Scooters

View in Map Phone : 5875808955 Email :

Address:2102-20th Avenue, PO BOX 1497 DIDSBURY ALBERTA T0M 0W0

Contact:Ron Townrow & Shellene Fakir


Phone : 403-559-8745 Email :

Address:C,2409-16 st, Box 3869 Olds Alberta T4H 1P6

Phone : (403) 337-5822 Email :

Address:, Box 2473 Didsbury Alberta T0M 0W0

Phone : 403-808-1573 Email : Website :

Address:1325-20th Street, 1115-2370 Bayside Road SW Airdrie Alberta T4B 0M9

Phone : 4039465342 Email : Website :

Address:1028 Laut Avenue, PO Box 1408 Crossfield Alberta T0M 0S0

Contact:Angela Helm

Phone : 4032173747 Email : Website :

Address:#300 37 Richard Way SW Calgary Alberta T3E 7M8

Contact:Kirk Elliott

View in Map Phone : 4033350031 Website :

Address:3001 23rd Street, RR #2, Site 7, Comp 54 Didsbury Alberta T0M 0W0

Phone : (403) 335-8016

Address:, Box 1207 Didsbury Alberta T0M 0W0

Contact:Miles Trewin

View in Map Phone : 4035188762 Email :

Address:105, 2034 19th Avenue, Box 2467 Didsbury Alberta T0M 0W0

View in Map Phone : 4035560781 Email : Website :

Address:22 Valarosa Drive, PO Box 1722 Didsbury Alberta T0M 0W0

Contact:Dave Pettis

View in Map Phone : 4033350014 Email : Website :

Address:1814 20 Street, Box 1948 Didsbury Alberta T0M 0W0

Phone : 4035982817 Email : Website :


Contact:ED WEIBE

View in Map Phone : 4033352288 Email : Website :

Address:103, 1610-20 Street, Box 1874 Didsbury Alberta T0M 0W0

Contact:Bill Anthony

View in Map Phone : 4033358473 Email : NSHAH@UNIVERSALHEALTHCENTRE.COM

Address:#106 2034-19TH AVENUE, PO BOX 2871 DIDSBURY ALBERTA T0M-0W0

Phone : 4033358738 Email : Website :

Address:28446 Twp Rd 312, Box 1627 Didsbury Alberta T0M 0W0

Contact:Mike Kohut

View in Map Phone : 4033353365

Address:2004-20 St, PO Box 1210 Didsbury Alberta T0M 0W0

Contact:Vance Van Dam

Phone : 403-477-2499 Email :

Address:, PO BOX 1471 Didsbury Alberta T0M 0W0

Contact:Jan Lukes

Description:Online Services

View in Map Phone : 4038162933 Email : Website :

Address:2019-19th Avenue, PO Box 1761 Didsbury Alberta T0M-0W0

Contact:Brooke Mierke

View in Map Phone : 4033353905

Address:3002 10 Street, Box 2544 Didsbury Alberta T0M 0W0

View in Map Phone : 8773275279 Email : Website :

Address:1602-3rd Avenue South Lethbridge Alberta T1J 0L2

Contact:Vivint Inc.

Description:4931 N 300 W Provo, Utah, 84604

View in Map Phone : 4033355099

Address:2014 19th Avenue Didsbury Alberta

View in Map Phone : 4033359308 Email :

Address:1601 27th Avenue, RR#6, Box 3, Site 10, Calgary, Alberta, T2M 4L5 Didsbury Alberta T0M 0W0

Phone : 4035070228 Email : Website :

Address:RR#1, Site 3, Box 16, Box 4251 Olds Alberta T4H 1P8

Contact:Joshua & Rachelle Shonwise

View in Map Phone : 4033359990

Address:1313 20th Street, Box 280 Didsbury Alberta T0M 0W0

Contact:Brian Wimmer

View in Map Phone : 4035199209 Email :

Address:2014 20th Street, PO Box 2838 Didsbury Alberta T0M-0W0

Contact:Patricia Weatherby

View in Map Phone : 4033353712 Email :

Address:#103, 2034 19th Avenue, Box 685 Didsbury Alberta T0M 0W0

Contact:Colin Webb

View in Map Phone : 4033352082 Email : Website :

Address:2103 20 Street, PO BOX 795 DIDSBURY ALBERTA T0M 0W0

Contact:John & Shelly Daly

View in Map Phone : 4033359137 Email : Website :

Address:2317 16th Street, Box 669 Didsbury Alberta T0M 0W0

Contact:Matthew Arnill

View in Map Phone : 4033358297 Email : Website :

Address:13 CO-OP ROAD, BOX 157 Didsbury Alberta T0M 0W0

Description:Charity, not-for-profit, animal shelter

View in Map Phone : 4033358780

Address:2 Co-op Road, RR 1, Site 12, Box 38 Didsbury Alberta T0M 0W0

Contact:Aaron Linder

View in Map Phone : 4034159988 Email :

Address:3 West heights Crescent, PO Box 2993 Didsbury Alberta T0M 0W0

Contact:Will Georgeson

View in Map Phone : 4033359445 Email : Website :

Address:301 Secondary Highway 582, RR 2, Site 7, Box 50 Didsbury Alberta T0M 0W0

Contact:Kathleen Windsor

Description:Website design since 1996. Online management systems. Social media assistance.