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Setting Up Accounts

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All services are included on one monthly utility bill. Please note that your utility billing will always be for the month prior to the month you receive your bill and penalties will be applied for overdue amounts. Visit our Utility page for more information and forms.

Utility accounts are opened only in the property owners' name; tenants are not eligible to hold accounts but may receive a copy of the billing upon authorization by the property owner (see Bylaw 2013-08).

If you have questions or need more information, contact the Town of Didsbury Utilities Department at 403.335.2030.
Each year, Town of Didsbury tax assessment notices are mailed in February, followed by tax notices in May and are due June 30.
These taxes are for the calendar year of January to December. The Town of Didsbury offers a pre-authorized payment plan for ratepayers. Contact the Town Office Taxation Department for more details at 403.335.2030. Payment may be made by credit card but a payment fee of 2.5% will be incurred.
You may be thinking of altering your property. Prior to starting to be sure to apply for the appropriate Development and/or Building Permits.
Depending on the size you may need a permit to build a fence, shed or deck. You must have a permit to build a garage, enclosed deck, finish your basement or to make an addition onto your home. Please visit the Planning and Infrastructure or contact them by email or telephone at 403.335.2030 for more information.
The Town of Didsbury has a Dog and Cat Bylaw. All dogs and cats must have an annual license. The license fee is $20.00 for altered pets and $40.00 for unaltered pets.
Please call 403.335.3391 or visit the Town Office for more information.
NOTE: You can save $5.00 per license if you renew your license in January of each year. $15.00 for altered pets and $35.00 for unaltered pets.