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Strategic Plan
Town Council has created a Strategic Plan to be used as a longer-term planning document to guide both Council and Administration through the many projects and priorities that need to be accomplished, and it is important that we keep you, our residents, informed of our plans and long term vision.
In September 2018, Council met over three days to review and revise the 2017-2027 Strategic Plan. The final revised document was approved at the January 8, 2019 Council Meeting. 
REVISED/APPROVED 2017-2027 Town of Didsbury Strategic Plan

The 2017-2027 Town of Didsbury Strategic Plan has gone through revisions during the Spring of 2019, including new Vision and Mission Statements, and an expanded Economic Prosperity section, and now Council wants to hear from you. Click the link below to view the newly revised 2017-2027 Strategic Plan.
Send your feedback to no later than September 20, 2019. 
2017-2027 Town of Didsbury Strategic Plan - SPRING 2019 REVISIONS

If you have any questions or would like more information regarding this plan or any of our initiatives, please contact the Town Office at 403-335-3391 or by email at